Research Aids the Candidate Search

How Recruiting Research Accelerates Your Candidate Search

How Recruiting Research Accelerates Your Candidate Search

Are you curious about how professional recruiting research can turbocharge your candidate search? Look no further than Corporate Navigators. Our Research and Candidate Development teams have years of experience discovering qualified candidates that fit client criteria.

Today we will break down what we do to show you firsthand how Recruiting Research and Candidate Development can expedite and elevate your hiring process. From unlocking hidden talent pools to providing invaluable insights, let’s delve into the world of recruiting research and discover how it can propel your candidate sourcing efforts!

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Recruiting Research

Researching + Identifying Qualified Candidates

If a client is starting from scratch, they will often request Recruiting Research. With this service, we can identify qualified candidates. However, before we can start talent sourcing, we must get information from the client. Normally, they fill out an intake form to identify the basics needed, such as desired role, years of experience, skills, and more. In return, our Research Team gets to work to provide the requested information. 

Reports of these results typically include contact information, job titles, departments, who they report to, and maybe some other characteristics as requested by the client, such as languages spoken, international experience, diversity status, years of experience, specific industry or niche specialty experience, and more.

  • Note: ​​The list of client needs can vary by role and industry. Curious if we can find what you’re looking for? Schedule a consultation by clicking the button below.

Another Time Saver: Following up with a List of Candidates to Determine Eligibility and Interest 

At Corporate Navigators, we also offer a Candidate Development service in which we take a list of potential candidates and call them to verify accuracy, eligibility, and interest. This service can be requested as an isolated service or as a follow-up after we identify potential candidates in the research phase. 

Namely, if you already have a list of people but don’t have time to call them, we can do it for you. Or, we can take the list we generated in the Recruiting Research stage and discover more insights.

One major advantage to this service is that we can discover information that usually can’t be found in the research phase since there are a few key factors related to personal preferences, such as expected salary.

With Candidate Development, we would speak to the list of candidates to determine eligibility based on the client’s set of provided criteria. It differs with each client, but the typical criteria include if they are open to new opportunities, and ascertaining salary expectations.

In addition to these basics, Candidate Development screening can confirm preferences like if the candidate is willing to travel, work in office vs remote or hybrid, and if they’d be open to relocating.

  • Note: Already have a list but don’t have the time to verify eligibility? Our Candidate Development Team can call these large lists of candidates on your behalf. While many look good on paper, calling them personally to figure out any barriers will make your search infinitely easier. 

Accelerate Your Candidate Search with Recruiting Research

If you need to streamline and accelerate your candidate search, professional recruiting research can help you achieve your goals. In these days of high competition for top talent, having research on hand is no longer a luxury— but it’s a strategic necessity.

By leveraging accurate and up-to-date candidate information, you can gain a significant edge in identifying top talent swiftly and effectively. Don’t let valuable candidates slip through the cracks. Embrace the power of recruiting research and watch as your candidate search accelerates with precision and success!

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