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Finding C-Suite Talent

finding c level talent hero image with executives shaking hands

Partnering with a reputable firm that streamlines the recruitment process with careful research and advanced candidate screening skills can streamline your search process and increase the likelihood of finding the most candidates for the role you want to fill.
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Competitive Intelligence Case Study

beyond recruiting and into competitive intelligence

by Mitch Golob Beyond Recruiting… and into Competitive Intelligence. One of our Fortune 100 clients came to use with a unique request.  In addition to performing talent mapping and org chart development services, could Corporate Navigators obtain details outlining the Marketing and Communications budgets for some key competitors in the marketplace? We had not worked on a project exactly like this before, so we were not sure if we would be able to capture the level of detail our client requested.  …
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Identifying Experts – How to Build a Top 100 List

how to build a top 100 list

by Mitch Golob A client recently came to us to get up to speed on the Solar industry.  They wanted to understand who the technological experts were in this space and asked us to compile a Forbes style list of the top 100 individuals in Solar technology today. This request aligned well with our service offerings, combining our deep dive online research capabilities with our telephone-driven sourcing approach.  How We Built a Top 100 List We looked at traditional private …
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