Why Candidate Sourcing by Humans is Key

why candidate sourcing companies matter

The Value of Using Candidate Sourcing Companies in Your Talent Search

In the search for talent, sourcing candidates is both an art and a science. While technology has assisted with the recruiting process, human-based recruitment research remains unparalleled in discovering the ideal candidates for a role.

While searching online is a great start, it’s imperative to go beyond publicly available information and utilize targeted candidate sourcing strategies. With professional, human-vetted research, you can uncover a treasure trove of insights and sources of passive candidates. The bottom line: unveiling a larger talent pool is still the bread and butter of skilled recruitment researchers.

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What Are Candidate Sourcing Companies?

Candidate sourcing companies are organizations that streamline talent acquisition. Their methods usually involve identification and outreach to qualified candidates regarding job openings on behalf of their clients. These companies use various strategies such as AI technology, in-depth research, and phone calls to source talent from diverse channels like job boards, social media platforms, professional networks, and industry-specific databases. 

Businesses and individuals in the hiring process often engage candidate sourcing companies to augment their internal recruiting efforts, gaining access to company metrics and specialized talent pools that are otherwise difficult to find. They may also use these companies to establish a steady talent pipeline through long-term contracted research plans. Research results from these services can help companies address talent shortages in specific industries or regions, potentially strengthening an employer brand.

Should I Hire a Candidate Sourcing Company in 2024?

In the age of digitalization, it’s tempting to automate a search with AI or rely on job boards to sift through resumes and LinkedIn profiles. While this can certainly be a great start, you will be missing out on a lot of job seekers.

Why? Not every candidate is actively submitting applications on job postings, yet they may still be open to new opportunities. Therefore, a surface-level search can often fall short when it comes to identifying candidate profiles that possess a specific combination of skills, experience, and company culture fit that some corporations need. 

In addition, there are bot applicants, hastily assembled “instant” applications, and out-of-date or inaccurate LinkedIn profiles acting as distractors from the true prize: the best candidate for a role. This is where human-based research steps in, offering a depth of understanding and accuracy that other methods simply cannot replicate.

Sourcing More Candidates with Recruitment Research

One of the key advantages of human-based recruitment research is the ability to go beyond the surface in the candidate sourcing process. While public data provides a basic overview of candidate experience and professional background, it often lacks the context needed to help you make informed decisions. Moreover, there is no absolute way to know if the information is accurate or up-to-date, which can hamper your sourcing efforts. 

Human researchers delve deeper, scouring social media, industry forums, and making phone calls into the companies of interest to make sure potential candidates match your exact criteria. At Corporate Navigators, we also make sure that all information and contact information is 100% accurate on the day of delivery, giving you more viable options for your open positions.

In addition, human researchers excel at uncovering what’s not even online. With over one-third of resume holders not on LinkedIn, public information misses out on many seasoned professionals who are just not active online or looking for job opportunities. So, not only do you get exclusive insights about candidates not in public data, but you can get access to the right candidates for hard to fill roles, especially as you move up the executive ladder.

Candidate Sourcing Filters Out Ineligible Candidates

Another crucial aspect of human-based research and its companion service, candidate development, is its ability to weed out unqualified and uninterested candidates. While algorithms can identify keywords and qualifications listed on a profile or resume, they often struggle to distinguish between genuine expertise and embellished claims. 

In-person recruiters, on the other hand, are adept at confirming if the candidate possesses the scope of experience, skill set, and requirements for the new job. Adding to data accuracy, a candidate development team can go beyond this step by calling the candidates to ascertain interest so that the final list of candidates matches your list of criteria. 

Overall, by combining experienced candidate sourcing techniques with the quality and access to larger talent pools provided by recruitment research, candidate sourcing companies can provide higher quality volume at scale and separate the wheat from the chaff, ensuring that recruiters or hiring managers are only spending time speaking with a steady stream of relevant candidates. 

This not only saves time and resources, but also enhances the quality of candidates for the job title, empowering you to make better hiring decisions for your organization.

Corporate Navigators – A Candidate Sourcing Company

While candidate sourcing tools and tech play a vital role in assisting recruitment efforts, human-based research and recruiting remains indispensable for talent sourcing and identifying the best fit for an open role. Recruiting Teams are absolutely crucial when screening candidates for C-suite and executive positions too, considering how vital they are to reporting team members and your organization as a whole.

By going beyond publicly available information and leveraging the power of human perspectives, recruitment researchers can uncover hidden talent and weed out unqualified candidates to match what you are seeking.

When top talent is hard to find, the human touch is invaluable for your company’s future. Set up a consultation today with us to discover how our recruitment research and candidate development services can augment your candidate search.

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