Identifying Experts – How to Build a Top 100 List


by Mitch Golob

A client recently came to us to get up to speed on the Solar industry.  They wanted to understand who the technological experts were in this space and asked us to compile a Forbes style list of the top 100 individuals in Solar technology today.

This request aligned well with our service offerings, combining our deep dive online research capabilities with our telephone-driven sourcing approach.  We looked at traditional private sector companies, public sector leaders at federal and global levels, academia, not-for-profit organizations, and institutions worldwide.  Solar Industry associations and conferences proved to be a good resource, finding those contacts who have published articles, received patents, and were keynote speakers at high profile events.

From these efforts, we were able to compile a “long list” of potential experts, but we didn’t stop there.  The key with an initiative such as this was to engage with leaders within the Solar sector to get their thoughts and opinions on who would be considered the most influential and relevant experts worthy of inclusion on our Top 100 list.  Our team of recruiters engaged with these individuals, allowing us to refine the list so that it contained those members that were well-respected and endorsed by those within the Solar community globally.

From there, we created a detailed presentation with biographical information for all 100 experts, including confirmed contact information so that our client could engage with them directly.  Another successful project completed!


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